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  • Introducing The Pure Love Lounge

    Inspired by the natural contours of the human body and designed to comfortably conform with them. The Pure Love lounge is hand crafted for loving couples to significantly enhance comfort, intimacy, positional variety and pleasure, revolutionizing your love making. For Phone orders Please Call - 0491 007 656 -

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  • Explore New Positions In Comfort & Precise Control

    A vast range of exciting sexual positions are made possible, including the advanced positions of the Kama Sutra. Many of these positions enable the woman to attain a greater amount of precise control over pelvic angles and depth of penetration, leading to enhanced sensations, comfort and pleasure, providing a more satisfying love making experience and empowering women with greater control of their own sensations.

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  • Reduce Stress Last Longer

    Positions you will discover during your own sensual exploration have the wonderful added benefit of removing pressure and stress from many parts of your body. For example knees, hips, arms, neck, legs and more. Removing stress and strain can enable you to be more comfortable, conserve energy and reduce the chance of injury, so you can blissfully experience many positions you might otherwise find difficult, impossible or tiring. Leading you to longer more comfortable and pleasurable intimate time together.

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  • Elegance and Comfort in any room

    When not being used for intimate pursuits, the Pure Love Lounge is an elegant, stylish and very comfortable addition to any bedroom or living space. Ideal for reading, meditating, yoga or just relaxing in front of the TV

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  • The Pure Love Lounge Smile

    Join our growing community of satisfied Pure Love Lounge Lovers and take your lovemaking to new levels of Exploration, Excitement, Comfort, Intimacy and Pleasure. Phone Orders Call 0491 007 656

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  • At home in your bedroom

  • Colours to match your decor

  • A stylish & comfortable addition to your living room

  • Always ready when passion stirs

  • Turn your bedroom into a loving pleasure playground

  • Pure Elegance

Pure Love Lounge Lovers

  • Pure Style

  • Pure Elegance

  • Pure Design

  • Pure Comfort

  • Pure Versatility

  • Pure Relaxation

  • Pure Love!

  • Hot Lava

    Standard Colour Range

  • Black Vixen

    Standard Colour Range

  • Sugar Plum

    Standard Colour Range

  • Full Cream

    Standard Colour Range

  • Milk Chocolate

    Standard Colour Range

  • Dark Chocolate

    Standard Colour Range

  • Boudoir Blue

    Metallic - Special Order

  • Arousal Red

    Metallic - Special Order

  • Golden Glitz

    Metallic - Special Order

  • Purple Passion

    Metallic - Special Order

  • Pearl Shimmer

    Metallic - Special Order

  • Silver Fox

    Metallic - Special Order

Sexpo Sydney 2018

Pure Love Lounge Launch

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