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  • Introducing The Pure Love Lounge

    The Pure Love lounge is crafted for loving couples to significantly enhance comfort, intimacy, positional variety and pleasure, revolutionizing your love making. Call - 0491 007 656 -

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  • Explore New Positions In Comfort with Precise Control of Angles & Sensations

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  • Reduce Stress Last Longer

    Removing stress can increase comfort, conserve energy and reduce the chance of injury. Experience positions you might otherwise find difficult or impossible. Call - 0491 007 656

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  • Elegance & Comfort

    The Pure Love Lounge is an elegant, stylish and comfortable addition to any bedroom or living space. Ideal for reading, meditating, yoga or relaxing. Call - 0491 007 656

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  • The Pure Love Lounge Smile

    Take your lovemaking to new levels of Exploration, Excitement, Comfort, Intimacy & Pleasure. Call 0491 007 656

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  • At home in your bedroom

  • Colours to match your decor

  • A stylish & comfortable addition to your living room

  • Always ready when passion stirs

  • Turn your bedroom into a loving pleasure playground

  • Pure Elegance

Pure Love Lounge Lovers

  • Pure Style

  • Pure Elegance

  • Pure Design

  • Pure Comfort

  • Pure Versatility

  • Pure Relaxation

  • Pure Love!

  • Hot Lava

    Standard Colour Range

  • Black Vixen

    Standard Colour Range

  • Sugar Plum

    Standard Colour Range

  • Full Cream

    Standard Colour Range

  • Milk Chocolate

    Standard Colour Range

  • Dark Chocolate

    Standard Colour Range

  • Boudoir Blue

    Metallic - Special Order

  • Arousal Red

    Metallic - Special Order

  • Golden Glitz

    Metallic - Special Order

  • Purple Passion

    Metallic - Special Order

  • Pearl Shimmer

    Metallic - Special Order

  • Silver Fox

    Metallic - Special Order

Sexpo Sydney 2018

Pure Love Lounge Launch

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Free Shipping up to $80 for a Limited Time

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