Taking The Pressure Off with a Sex Lounge

Taking The Pressure Off with a Sex Lounge

July 01, 2019

A Pure Love Lounge can help sustain lovemaking by supporting you and your partner's bodies. 

This could take a while .. and that’s just fine. The average man is able to orgasm in 5 minutes or less, while it seems that most women take at least 20 minutes.  So, is the question why does it take women so long OR why do men come so quickly? 

Taking the pressure down, or off could bring you together at more or less the same time.  A PureLoveLounge enables you to keep in your favourite position for much longer. A vast range of exciting positions including advanced positions of the Kama Sutra are possible and comfortable using the PureLoveLounge.  Many of these positions enable a woman to attain a greater amount of control over pelvic angles and depth of penetration, leading to enhanced sensations, please and also sustained comfort. In short, the lounge puts you at the right angles, it allows women to have more control and less strain. Having bad sex can lead to having no sex, and no sex can spell trouble for your relationship.

Our lounge is affordable and delivered Australia wide.


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