The Pure Love Lounge Story

A Revolution in Love Making!


The Seed:

As a happy and loving couple, the founders and designers of the pure love lounge were always open to new ways to enhance their already healthy love life. A chance discovery of so called tantric furniture ignited an excited interest in the many apparent benefits of furniture designed specifically for love making. The seed, so to speak, had been planted!

After researching the various options available locally and internationally, two things became clear:

Firstly, the benefits of such furniture were very real and extended way beyond initial expectations.       

Secondly, the choices in Australia were limited and either prohibitively expensive, or not particularly elegant nor suitable for general display or daily use around the home .

So began the journey of the Pure Love lounge.......


The Mission:

1. Must provide significantly enhanced intimacy, joy and sexual pleasure for lovers and to assist where ever possible when physical limitations, ailments or injuries make love making difficult or uncomfortable.

2. Must be comfortable, elegant, and versatile.

3. Must stylishly integrate into any decor or appropriate room in your home. We call it: "The Shape of Seduction".

4. Must be strong, durable, easy to clean.

5. Must be able to hold up to the vigorous activity we sincerely hope our customers subject them to.

6. Must provide excellent value for money and be affordable to the broadest range of lovers.

7. Must be comfortable and practical for use as an everyday lounge for reading, meditation, TV viewing or simply relaxing.


The Result:

Many months, late nights, numerous prototypes and 3 factories later the Pure Love lounge is ready and available to enhance the lives of all who choose to sample the many delights it can provide.

The Shape Of Seduction.


With all of the the mission objectives met if not exceeded phase one of the mission is complete! Phase two is to introduce the Pure Love Lounge to you, the lovers of Australia, so you too can enjoy greater joy, intimacy, pleasure and sexual expression with your partner, while injecting a piece of stylish elegance into your home.


The Launch:

The Pure Love Lounge will be officially launched in, we believe the most appropriate venue and setting possible: Sexpo Sydney - June 14- 17  2018 at the International Convention Centre Darling Harbour.  With many thanks and much gratitude to the Sexpo Team, you will be able to set your senses alight as you see, feel, touch, and sample the Pure Love Lounge for yourself in a fun, comfortable and sensually charged environment.

Come and see the Pure Love Lounge at Sexpo Sydney 2018 - Stand #116 and sample for yourself the feast for the senses it can deliver into your life, your relationships, your pleasure and into your home. 

Pure Love by name and Pure Love by nature..........

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