Position Guide

Positions Guide

Following are a tantalizing selection of love making positions made possible for you when using your new Pure Love Lounge.

By no means exhaustive, this guide serves as a starting point to your own loving exploration of positions made possible for you and your partner to enjoy whenever your passions are aroused.

Please note many positions shown here and others you will discover during your own sensual exploration have the wonderful added benefit of removing pressure and stress from many parts of your body.

For example knees, hips, arms, neck, legs and more. Removing stress and strain from these and other parts of your body can increase comfort, conserve energy and reduce the chance of injury, enabling you to blissfully experience many positions you might otherwise find difficult, impossible or tiring. Leading you to longer and more pleasurable intimate time together.

Why not grab yourself a copy of the Kama Sutra and discover a new world of intimacy and sexual pleasure made available to you when you order your new Pure Love Lounge.

See link at bottom of page for a very detailed step by step Kama Sutra Guide.


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Kama Sutra - Step by Step Guide

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